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We're an award-winning sex shop and bookstore with something for everyone. Anyone who’s turned off by traditional sex shops will find us a welcoming and informative place to get cool and sexy stuff.

We think our customers deserve quality products and good information, and that sex should be dirty in a good way, not a shameful one. So have fun!

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Dear Venus,

As a cis-gay man, safer sexual practices are very important to me.... » Read more

Love Taps • A Trans Woman's Spouse

Dear Patrick: I am in a good relationship with a woman of transgender experience (as she puts it... » Read more

Dear Patrick: What is the best kind of dildo to buy? I think I need one for practice. But they... » Read more

Love Taps • Scat Fantasy

Dear Patrick: First, a bit about myself I guess. I'm a 29-year-old, white, heteroflexible
... » Read more

Dear Patrick: I have been in love with a kind-hearted young guy for more than two years. He is... » Read more

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