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About Butt Toys

About Butt Toys

Anal play is fun for a bunch of reasons, and toys designed for your butt generally aim to provide one or more of the primary anal play sensations:

    • opening and closing: the anal sphincters enjoy well-lubricated contraction and expansion (anal beads do this, for instance)
    • fullness: pleasurable pressure exerted the presence of something (such as a butt plug)
    • friction: sliding in-and-out motions (that a dildo might provide)
    • g-spot or prostate play: for those with a prostate, it can easily be reached through anal, and for those born with a vagina, anal might even lead to g-spot stimulation (there are plugs and dildos designed for both)

Although there are few hard and fast rules when it comes to sex toys, we do have one specifically for anal play. If it's going up your butt, it must have a flared base or something to stop the toy from continuing on its merry way up to your colon. Follow this advice and you will never end up at the emergency room waiting for a doctor to go spelunking.

Butt Plugs

Many people like anal stimulation without a lot of movement - it emphasizes the sensation of "fullness." If you agree, then these are the toys for you! Anal plugs are meant to be put in and left in.

Most plugs widen smoothly and gradually from a narrow tip to their maximum width and then drop suddenly in diameter to give your anal sphincter muscles something hang on to. Plugs with gradual tapers and narrow widths are easier for anal play beginners. For the more experienced or adventuresome, plugs come in an ever-increasing variety of sizes and profiles.

Plugs can be straight or curved. Curved anal toys are intended to follow the natural curve of the rectum and be pointed toward your belly; straight anal toys are usually made soft enough to bend and follow this curve. If you find straight toys uncomfortable for anal play, try a more ergonomic design!


These toys are perfect for those who enjoy the feeling of sphincter muscles opening to allow an object in and/or out.

Traditional anal beads are quite simple: 4-6 beads on a "string". The string allows your butt to remain closed in between beads, which allows the experience of anal fullness without any pressure on the anal opening.

There are also dildo-like versions of anal beads made out of latex and silicone that present a series of bulbs along a central core. These toys don't allow the total anal relaxation of the string, but they offer the possibility of a more vigorous in-and-out motion (because you can pull a string but you can't push it).

And if your timing is good, removing beads during orgasm can prolong and intensify orgasmic pleasure.


The ins and outs of anal penetration offer a myriad of pleasures. Dils with gentle curve to follow the anatomical bend of the anal canal work best, but otherwise choosing from the huge variety of styles is up to you! Our dildos have their own section of the catalogue, and many of them are very butt-friendly.