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About Health

About Health

Here at Venus Envy we like to offer a full range of products and information about your sexual and reproductive health. In this section, you will find alternative menstrual care products, products to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, vaginal moisturizers, and some other products related to your overall health.

Menstrual products

Cloth Pads
Reusable, breathable and often made by women-owned businesses, washable cotton pads are a great alternative to disposable paper and plastic pads.

Sea Sponges
These are small natural sponges usually used for cosmetics. They are cheap, easy to use, and comfortable.

The Diva Cup
A reusable cup made of medical grade silicone, the Diva is very eco-friendly as using one Diva cup over its 10-year life span saves you from using and throwing away thousands of disposable tapons and pads.

Vaginal health

Speculum and cervical self-exam
The purpose of self-exam is to learn more about how our bodies work, what's normal and what's not. Self-exam offers women the ability to see the normal changes our bodies go through and notice the markers of potential problems. As our knowledge grows, we take back the power to care for ourselves. With the aid of a speculum, viewing the cervix can be easy.