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About Penis Toys

About Penis Toys

Constriction Rings

Constriction rings (aka cock rings, or c-rings) are most effective when worn around both the base of the penis and the scrotum, because this enables the ring to restrict blood flow out of the erect penis. It's usually easier to put a ring on when flaccid, and since most rings close with either snaps or a sliding closure, you'll want to be careful of (or trim) your pubic hair.

Why wear one? The circulation-restricting effect tends to prolong erections and orgasms, and the experience of pressure under and around the scrotum adds a whole new dimension to other kinds of stimulation. Note that putting pressure on these sensitive bits isn't something to take lightly, won't cure erectile dysfunction, and may be uncomfortable for some. It's a good idea to use highly-adjustable rings and ease into their use until you're sure that a cock ring is for you. There are many versions available, from basic adjustable loops of latex to elaborate cock cages, and rings with ball stretchers and ball separators. As the testicles can be extremely sensitive (something most learn early in life), playing with them can be very rewarding, but should be approached with a light touch ... at least at first.


The vibrating rings we offer in this section of the catalogue take the form of bullet vibes in sleeves of various kinds that fit around the penis (or a dildo) and offer extra stimulation during sex. This design allows the vibration to stimulate the base of the penis and the testicles. Many other kinds of vibes can also be fun for a cock, so don't feel restricted to the selection in the penis toys section. 

Strokers and sleeves

There are a few things to keep in mind about using masturbators. First: never use one with an oil-based lube. All of these toys tend to lose some of their firmness and "grip" over time, but using oil-based lube on them will make this happen FAST. 

The stimulation these toys offer tends to be enveloping and gentle because the sleeve absorbs the firm pressure exerted by your hand. They are great for some variety in your masturbation, and offer a comfortable way to keep solo sex going longer.