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Hybrid Lubricant

The addition of a little silicone to these water-based formulas gives you a creamy lube that's very long-lasting and not sticky.

  • FuckWater

    FuckWater Hybrid

    from $2.00

    This cleverly named lube is water-based with premium silicone added to make it longer lasting and less sticky. It washes off easily and won't stain...

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  • Liquid Silk

    Liquid Silk

    from $14.95

    This creamy lube is light and long-lasting. A drop of silicone makes it extra slippery and luscious, while its water-base keeps it safe for silicon...

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  • Sliquid

    Sliquid Organics Silk

    from $24.95

    Sliquid Organics Silk is a hybrid (water and silicone-based) lube that is still safe to use with silicone toys. The addition of a little silicone t...

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