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Dildos come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. There's a lot of choice, and these days buying a dildo can be a matter of style as much as a practical decision about what rocks your boat. The top things to consider when choosing a dildo are its size, its shape, and the material it's made of.

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  • Aslan Leather

    Aslan Jaguar Harness

    from $139.95
    3 colors available

    The Jaguar is our best-selling Aslan harness. This harness' design lets a dildo sit lower on your pelvis, leading to extra clitoral pressure and ad...

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  • Aslan Leather

    Aslan Driver Harness


    Aslan's Driver harness is a sleek and comfortable harness made from soft garment leather. It is the harness of choice for people who like to wear t...

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  • Aslan Leather

    Aslan Minx Harness


    Aslan femme'd up their original Jaguar harness! With its gorgeous corset-laced backpiece, this harness adds visual appeal to its excellent performa...

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